Filmmusic stats 11/2019

I am happy to give you a little insight into the current numbers of 11/2019.

In the last month the daily visitor numbers on Filmmusic increased by 36%. At peak times, Filmmusic generates 410GB of traffic in one day.

During the same period I was able to reduce the CPU load of the main server from ~60% to approx. 20%. I did this by routing downloads, previews and remaining static files to three different CDN’s with different settings. At the same time I switched off keepalive on the main server.

The outsourcing of static data to a CDN resulted in the following numbers on the first day: ~556,000 requests for static data, about ~100,000 requests for song playback and ~7,000 downloads.

In the last 30 days, a total of 10.2TB of traffic has been generated over the CDN.

Datacenter Traffic Distribution

The following graphic shows which data centers were used the most:

Engagement on youtube

The number of visitors who come to Filmmusic via Youtube from 01/2019-11/2019 shows that the work of the last few months has been worthwhile:

As of 11.11.2019 Filmmusic has 52.574 registered users.

Social networks

The different social networks currently generate visitors as follows:

  • Youtube 88.5%
  • Facebook 9.6%
  • Vkontakte 0.5%
  • Telegram 0.4%
  • Twitter 0.4%
  • Instagram 0.2%
  • Tumblr 0.1%
  • Reddit 0.1%
  • Pinterest 0.1%

With the exception of Youtube, the visitors are purely organic. I’m working on making Twitter more relevant too. A field trial over several months on Instagram I finished this month for lack of relevance.

Nevertheless, visitors via social networks currently account for only about 3.3% of all visitors. Most visitors come directly, via search engines or links from other websites.

So it can be said that social networks hardly play a role in growth.