Digital music distribution and the corona virus – Is Karma really a bitch?

These are amazing times: The old hands who criticized and demonized digital music distribution and production music yesterday are the ones who are now whining or crawling “Please may I sell my music at your place? I don’t know how else to make money”. What was condemned yesterday, should now suddenly be great? Aha.

Before “Corona” there were applications from musicians from abroad at the most, and now within 8 weeks from Germany alone there were more than 100 applications from musicians who suddenly discovered digital music distribution for themselves and wanted to sell music on

What was criticized as bad for so long is now good enough for you to save your ass? Aha.

While others are constantly whining and demonizing everything they don’t know, has accelerated despite all criticism: In the last 2 months alone a 400% growth in sales, meanwhile almost 10,000 visitors daily, almost half a terabyte of data traffic daily (!!!), soon 100,000 registered users worldwide and even in a very short time over 1200 followers on YouTube in a brand new (almost hardly advertised) channel.

Our artists are happy about the increasing demand and started early enough to specialize in digital distribution, delivering very good content – which is now paying off.

Unfortunately, the 100 artists from Germany get a refusal, because we already have good artists with great music, a broad portfolio and most importantly: They supported the project from the beginning. So it’s them who will now benefit from it.

So at this point I would like to greet the best artists on this earth, like Alexander Nakarada, Kevin MacLeod, Rafel Krux, Otis Vader Galloway and many others here 🙂

You are the best, keep up the good work, i love you!