The Hater continues

I’ve had problems with a Hater for quite some time now, which probably doesn’t like the business concept of Maybe it’s just envy.

Since two days, somebody with an iphone and ios 13.2 (using safari browser), from hannover and with a telekom anschluss with the ip (ip anonymized by me) is now adding my email (and other personal data like an old mobile number i used until 2015) to newsletters and winning sites.

He also has a MAC with OS X 10.13 and Firefox installed.

First he used the support email adress of, later he used an email adress he found on this website.

Probably it is the same one, who recently disliked videos on my youtube channel with multiple accounts.

This is a real apple fan. I think, he will never use a windows pc in his studio.

Anzeige is raus 🙂

Today this is very easy, just use this:

P.S: Thank you for adding me to the Telekom Winning Game, that made things easier.

§ 238 StGB Nachstellung: Wer einem Opfer unbefugt nachstellt, indem er „unter missbräuchlicher Verwendung von dessen personenbezogenen Daten Bestellungen von Waren oder Dienstleistungen für ihn aufgibt oder Dritte veranlasst, mit diesem Kontakt aufzunehmen“ kann mit bis zu drei Jahren Freiheitsstrafe bestraft werden. Der § 238 StGB ist auch als Stalking-Paragraph bekannt.