Once a time, there was a hater on youtube – And thats how he revealed himself

It’s been several years since a well-known musician from hannover told me privately and publicly on Facebook that I was destroying the market with my music. He also told me that I am not a musician (Because I don’t play guitar but “just” keyboard? Nobody knows).

I told him my opinion and actually thought it was done. But I probably thought wrong, because since then he uses every chance to annoy me.

In January 2019 I started a new Youtube channel for Filmmusic.io. Already then I noticed that every video got at least 5 Dislikes directly after uploading – sometimes more or less, that’s why I knew it’s not a robot.

Fun Fact: When there were football matches with Hannover96 in the stadium, the dislikes always came hours later – after the match.

January 10, 2019

It was January 10, 2019 when I suddenly got an email that I had a new subscriber: It was him. I was wondering why someone who hates me should subscribe me.

So I jokingly wrote him on Facebook about it and asked him how I got to the honor. As an answer I got:

“Had researched film music, then your channel came up, which I clicked with my mobile phone, then i accidentally clicked the subscribe button. Undone again.”

Aha, so it was an accident. Already at this point I thought to myself that the dislikes were coming from him and he just misclicked – but I wasn’t sure.

November 5, 2019

It was exactly 07:18 o’clock, when I released new videos for publication. And immediately every video got exactly 5 dislikes between 07:21 and 07:24. But what surprised me most was: Exactly at 07:24 I got an e-mail that I have a new subscriber. Now guess who? Again, it was the well-known musician from hannover. In the morning at 7:24.

Now it was 100% clear to me that only this one person could be behind it. That was no longer a coincidence. On an iPhone, you can quickly misclick if you have to rate 55 videos with your thumb down – so a click can also accidentally land on the “subscribe” button. As already in January. Unfortunately, it is stupid that an e-mail is automatically sent out when you have set your subscriptions to “public”.

Now I really wonder what mental disorders someone must have to spend the enormous time stalking me for years with everything I do. Did he have a difficult childhood? Or is it an inferiority complex?

I wouldn’t have the desire or the time to bother someone for such a long time.

And then?

Since his subscriptions are public, I could also see that he has also unsubscribed my channel again in the meantime. What a coincidence.

Actually, all along, I knew it could only be him. But I love detective games and it just tempted me to find the proof.

Fun fact: After publication of this article there were no more mass dislikes on youtube videos. But one day later (probably the same person) started with this: https://www.sascha-ende.de/blog/private/125-the-hater-continues/