Tips for the winter season with the electronic pedelec

Anyone who has dared to take the step from a car to a bicycle like me will also be confronted with the problems: You’re just constantly travelling at the same speed as a racing cyclist and still have all the disadvantages of a normal cyclist in winter.


The most important thing at high speeds is good tyres. As with cars, there are strong differences.

I can only recommend Continental’s Top Contact winter tyres to anyone:

The wheel sticks to the road like a racing car on the Formula 1 ring.

Protect your face

A storm hood is recommended for temperatures as low as 0 degrees. The biggest problem for spectacle wearers, however, is the wind.

The wind blows into your eyes so much that your eyes water. The nose runs through the watery eyes. This is extremely unpleasant.

There are 2 solutions especially for pedelec riders:

  1. a helmet with visor
  2. one pair of overglasses

I tried both. The glasses are the best protection against wind, but they are pinching in the face and just look stupid. The helmet with visor does not protect 100%, but is the most beautiful and most comfortable solution.


I recommend the Casca Roadster, because it can be equipped with visor and winter protection. So to speak the winter and summer helmet:

The helmet also scored one of the best safety scores in the test.

Here there is the visor “SPEEDmask“, which is transparent and allows a clear view even in darkness. It protects you from rain and wind. Also there is a protection for the ears as further accessories.


The amazingly best glasses and at the same time one of the greenest is the “UVEX Ultrasonic”:

These overglasses are perfect for spectacle wearers and still look “reasonably” sporty. It protects 100% against wind and even sits very comfortably, unfortunately I find the glasses nevertheless cumbersome and optically not very appealing.