I catched the hater that misused my data – the 100% proof :D

Recently I reported about a stalker who enters my data into competitions and newsletters. The person visited my site again today.

I wrote a new article about a studio session and posted it on facebook. Before he clicked on the article, he clicked on “like” on Facebook (like he accidently clicked the subscribe button on youtube). And the “like” disappeared shortly afterwards because he removed it immediately. Thanks to Facebook caching delays, likes are still displayed for a few minutes, even if you remove them immediately. I’ve really really never dealt with a person who’s so stupid. Or perhaps already too old for the Internet? Does this person really think that the Internet is absolutely anonymous?

In any case, the article had only one visitor at that time – and the visitor’s device signature corresponded exactly to the one who had misused my data a few days earlier. Also it was again a Telekom connection from Hannover. But it’s also a fact that this didn’t really surprise me: Even before I looked at the data, I knew it was him.

In any case, this is the proof that exactly this person from Facebook also misused my data.

And he will probably read this article as well – just like he is reading and updating the other two articles about the “Hater” for almost 2 hours ( no joke!!!) today… Maybe he’s hoping for updates on the articles? Btw.: with the same device signature. WTF, tell me, don’t you have anything better to do?

So this story probably ends here, too, because the detective game is over. Too bad, because I like detective games. No matter what he thinks up in the future to annoy me – it would be totally boring, because I always know: He is it.

Actually, I almost feel sorry for him, because anyone who needs to stalk me with such an enormous amount of time has enormous psychological problems.

§ 238 StGB Nachstellung: Wer einem Opfer unbefugt nachstellt, indem er „unter missbräuchlicher Verwendung von dessen personenbezogenen Daten Bestellungen von Waren oder Dienstleistungen für ihn aufgibt oder Dritte veranlasst, mit diesem Kontakt aufzunehmen“ kann mit bis zu drei Jahren Freiheitsstrafe bestraft werden. Der § 238 StGB ist auch als Stalking-Paragraph bekannt.