“The boys” – Or also the truth about our society

A friend recommended the new Amazon series “The Boys” to me. It’s about superheroes, celebrities, networks and influencers.

First of all I can say that I think the whole series is great: great characters, an exciting story and even a moral.

But what I find particularly exciting is that it reminds me of real life. There are so many people out there who bask in the glory of fame and are really different. I’ve met some such people. I also got to know some prominent people better and even worked or had to work with them.

People like to create networks: either because they have common interests, because they can’t do anything on their own or because of business reasons. Most of the time you expect them to be an advantage for you. The series also reminds me that nowadays there are many networks where people are not honest with each other. They are proud of their “network”, which is usually just a network of lies. Everyone sucks up to other people in the network just to make a profit. You have to be nice to people you don’t actually like. And once you’re trapped in these networks, you never get out. You become dependent for many different reasons – and above all: you are simply no longer yourself.

Many of these prominent people have problems: They have many contacts, but few good friends. They have alcohol problems. They have depression. They have psychological problems. They feel alone. They pretend to be nice to the public. In reality, however, they have psychological problems or are simply bad people. I see again and again that people are more unhappy the more they are in public. But they don’t show it. They do a show.

It’s always funny when I read on the social networks what celebrities I know write. Especially when I know the true face of these people. What would the public think if they knew the true faces of these celebrities?

Celebrities aren’t people I look up to, mostly I feel sorry for them. You just have to read the news in the press, there are enough celebrities who drown their frustration in alcohol.

I myself am a very honest person. That’s why I don’t like those kinds of networks where people are nice to each other just to be more successful. You become dependent on evil people when you get involved in such “networks”. I’m independent. And once you’re independent, you become invulnerable. People hate that and then try other ways to harm you. That’s why I stay out of the public eye, avoid stages, hate interviews and don’t want to be prominent at all.

Good friends I can rely on are better than this kind of networks. I am also a happier person if I don’t have to lie to other people.

“The Boys” is funny, at times quite extreme, doesn’t shy away from anything and shows life as it would be if superheroes were influencers.

That’s why I like “The Boys“: No series reflects real life like that.