Sascha, do you use loops or arpeggios?

This may surprise some wanna-be analysts… 😀 … but 95% of my music is handmade: music played by hand on the keyboard, no loops, no sequencers, no arpeggiators. Also, it’s been a few years since I last bought loops, because by using them you quickly get into the sights of the Youtube Content ID System. I play almost everything on the keyboard, mainly for one simple reason: It’s just faster than programming any arpeggios or using loops. For example, the new song in this video is strongly inspired by Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar soundtrack, especially the scene on the water planet. For large orchestral compositions, this can sometimes be up to 80 tracks, all of which are recorded individually by hand.

Sascha Ende

In this video i am playing the Majestica Strings from 8dio. Buy here:

Download the final track “Betelgeuse” for free here:

Working on a new track
Improvisation, download the final track here: