The “envy germans”

I observe more and more that especially in the social media a success that someone has is immediately bad-mouthed and devalued. It doesn’t matter how this success has come about or what it is about.

I have a hobby, music – and offer it for free and yet very successfully on my website to an international audience. Consequence: Self-proclaimed (less successful) “professional german musicians” (according to Wikipedia that’s what you are as soon as you earn money with it) started rumors that I wouldn’t produce my music myself, I get insulted in social networks because I don’t have a super great 100.000 Euro recording studio, write publicly that I’m “not a musician” and many more things below the belt… In the beginning it was hard to deal with it, meanwhile I completely ignore it and just do my thing.

Some people even find something in unselfish things like donations or charitable actions to devalue it, whereby they themselves do not get up their butts to accomplish anything at all. It is remarkable that I have never noticed this peculiarity in any other country as much as here. Am I mistaken? And is my feeling right that this bad talk about things that one could be happy about with the other person is the result of one’s own dissatisfaction? That these people, who complain and nag about everything, try to talk their own shortcomings into the bargain by playing down the successes of others?

I also have a lot to do with international audiences and in this form I only really notice it in Germany. And Hannover is even worst of all cities in Germany in this respect.

But the truth is: You only attract attention from envious people if you are good. So envy is the best confirmation of success you can get.