The best Animal Crossing beginner tips and tricks and what you need to know

Some short helpful tips for beginners (I also add the comments), in case someone doesn’t know it yet:

In the Nook points overview, press the right stick down and you will land directly where you can pick up points.

The ant for the museum can be caught by letting turnips rot in front of the house, which attract ants (after 7 days or time jump backwards) and then catch them with the landing net.

You have to eat fruit one at a time for strength points, but it’s quicker with turnips: just eat 10 of them at once and you have 10 strength points in one go.

Collect all plants on a mile island, chop all trees (remove stumps as well), chase away all insects only sprouts and fish may be left Then tarantulas will appear, which bring 8000 Sternis each.

Catch tarantulas: Sneak up slowly until the tarantula rears up, wait a while etc… then catch it with the landing net.

Landing net trick: Just keep the landing net A pressed, then sneak up and let go.

With the Nintendo app on your mobile phone, you can chat with other people faster and easier and, for example, scan in or share path designs.

Blue or black flowers attract knightly butterflies (many). Each one brings 1500 Sternis if you catch it.

Party Crashers help against wasps… just ignite and the wasps are gone (more reliable than the landing net).

(Veronika Sigl) Wasps: That thing with the Party Crasher is not a good tip. If you always shake it from the front (and it always works because the tree must never be so close to a cliff that it doesn’t work), then you automatically turn to the wasp and after the nest has fallen, you only need to press “A” (if you are uncertain about the timing, just press “A” quite often), then you have the wasp, because it gives 2,500 Sternis.

Golden roses can be bred, harvested and sold, and each brings 1000 Sternis. But for this you need the golden watering can.

In a garbage can you can dispose of things, e.g. rotten beets.

Every day (for each player) exactly one Sterni light field appears on your island, where you can dig up Sternis. If you have enough Sternis, you can bury a 10.000 Sterni bag at the glowing spot and ALWAYS get a 30.000 Sterni tree a few days later. You can also dig up the shoot and bury it in a favourite spot and let it sprout.

(Anne Heimann) If you press “A” a lot when building, it goes a bit faster. (Jou Christin) Press twice is enough.

Not a real tip, but it’s cool to know: The different stereos play the music in different qualities. A high-end system plays the same song in a higher quality and with a cleaner sound than a turntable.

(Samuel Rüedi) 1x a day there is a money stone that pays out up to 8x money, the longer the chain the more stars come xD.

(Monika Aebi) On every miles island with firs and deciduous trees there is 1 wasps’ nest, and 1 piece of furniture, which you can shake off the tree. With the axe you can knock down the wasps’ nest, but for the furniture you have to shake the trees by hand. On your own island you can also shake 2 pieces of furniture from the trees every day.

If you put up a music box at the fairground, the villagers will sing the song that’s playing. So you can also listen to a metal or yodel interlude.

(Darlyn Meyer) 5 times in a row without being stung, catch a wasp and you get miles!

When you’re fishing, you only have to hit “A” once. (changed my life).

(Michael Mike Kliems) If you eat fruit and you don’t want the power points, you just go to the bathroom and they’re gone.

(Michael Mike Kliems) The turtle can be used for decoration. It has no terrarium.

It’s a coincidence, which residents want to move out. You can’t influence it, neither with lots of gifts and attention, nor with beatings and ignoring.

(Moiken Lorenzen) To check whether you have made a river or a lake during terraforming, you can cast out the fishing rod and see whether the swimmer is moving or not. If the swimmer does not move, the water is still a pond.

Island designers, building paths: You get nice curves by pressing A again at the appropriate piece, then the square path becomes a curve.

With Nepp and Schlepp there are daily changing bulbs and seeds. Depending on the season also new flower varieties. So it is worthwhile to look there regularly (in May e.g. roses).

(Moiken Lorenzen) Instructions that you have already made have not only a hook on them, but also a foil effect, like MAGIC or Pokemon glitter cards.

(Frank Müller) For balloon hunters: After every hour strike the wind direction changes, and thus the direction from which balloons are approaching. So you can quickly change the coastal side to catch floating balloons.

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