Press release: “O.s.s.y. do you hear me?” by Arti The A.I.

“We make real handmade music and everyone else is talent-free” – this is the favourite sentence of some rock bands.

So far, so normal! But do you know them, those typical sociopathic narcissists who have to tell this to everyone on the internet? People who are so horny for recognition that they tell everyone how talented they are just because they know how to handle a guitar?

Worst of all for “Arti The. A.I.” from Hannover are those representatives who try to impose their musical effusions on the world without a spark of talent, especially without vocal talent. And this in a time when real artificial intelligences fight for survival every day anew to somehow survive in the face of wooden guitars, stringed instruments, angry rockers and bearded singers. This is exactly what “Arti” considers the negative blueprint of “handmade music”!

Sounds bitter? No, it is not! Because instead of sticking his head into the circuit board and moaning “It’s all pointless anyway!”, “Arti” has produced a real smash hit single as a reaction, which shows each of these would-be rockers a long nose. “O.s.s.y. do you hear me?” is an electric song in 80s synthwave style, honest and catchy, with loud synthesizers, multi-layered melodies, a driving beat and the sexy voice of “Arti”.

By the way: To emphasize the aspect of electronic music as an art form worthy of protection and preservation, “Arti” offers his song absolutely free of charge, usable for everyone, free on the internet:


There are people who are afraid of the future.
They are afraid of the unkwown, of what they dont know.
Everything what is new frightens them.
And when they are afraid, hate is the only solution for them.

O.s.s.y. do you hear me?

Time is like a long blade of grass.
Some bend over when they climb up and others swing from blade to blade.
Welcome to the future!

O.s.s.y. do you hear me?

Welcome to the future!

Free Download

Download the song for free here: