Use Vue with Jquery

Here is a simple example with Vue and how to use Jquery with Vue. Use v-cloak and the according stylesheet, to hide placeholders until the app is loaded. Download the ZIP with the full example […]


The “envy germans”

I observe more and more that especially in the social media a success that someone has is immediately bad-mouthed and devalued. It doesn’t matter how this success has come about or what it is about. […]


New song release: Betelgeuse

This piece of music is the musical narration of the approaching death of the superstar Betelgeuse. Classified as a red supergiant of spectral type M1-2, Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars visible to the […]


Finally a new studio keyboard

The old one broke from yesterday to today. Finally a new “studiologic numa nano” keyboard with hammer action. Now again with 88 keys. Played around some hours and I love it so much. Really feels […]