Now it’s proven: “Dislikes” let your videos also rank higher on Youtube

As some know, I love numbers, statistics and the analysis of data. That’s why I find this topic particularly exciting.

The channel “So geht Youtube” did a test and repeated it several times. The same video with the same content, same tags and same text was uploaded several times. He was able to prove that the video with the “Dislike” was automatically ranked higher by Youtube and was displayed further ahead in the search results.

Thanks to a Hater I could confirm this on my own new Youtube channel

There is a Hater who disliked with great passion (almost) every new video in my new channel. As you can see from the following pictures, the higher “engagement” automatically ensures a higher “Reach”. I also regularly see that the recommendation rate on Youtube always increases when the Hater is particularly active.

What is particularly exciting is that the increased range affects the entire channel and not just the individual video. By increasing the “engagement” rate, the “Reach” audience of all videos in the channel generally increases.

This is the proof for what one of Youtube’s employees already said: No matter if likes, dislikes or comments – everything is “Engagement” and ensures that your videos are found faster on Youtube.

Fortunately I have a Hater in my quite new Youtube channel, which disliked all videos since the beginning. Sometimes he forgets it too. I could see from the statistics that videos with 5 Dislikes are more recommended by Youtube than videos without Likes or Dislikes – and are called accordingly more often. This proves that Youtube is all about “Engagement” after all.

But why is youtube recommending videos with dislikes?

To be honest, if I was a programmer on Youtube, I’d do it the same way. It makes sense that videos with a higher participation get more attention. Videos about bad news (terrorist attacks etc.) get a lot of “dislikes” and end up in the Youtube trends. It would be downright stupid of Youtube to rate videos worse just because they get “Dislikes”.

In the end, Youtube is all about generating as many views as possible – because that generates advertising revenue – and that works best with videos that get more attention, whether in a positive or negative sense.


Without having to use a site like YTMONSTER.NET, this one Hater with his passionate activity helps me to make my new channel reach even faster 🙂